About the Site

aryehleib.com has been online since early 2006. It's sort of a form of electronic doodling. I hand-wrote html for the original site, and I had a simple xslt-based photo album. When rootshell moved to new servers in late 2007 I started developing the site in php.

In early 2008 I revamped the site, using a modified docbook transformation to generate the whole thing from a single xml source. I did this so I could create the site using asciidoc, a lightweight markup language. I describe the whole method in depth here.

In mid 2008 I started experimenting with Django, a Python-based web application development framework. I also discovered that Google now offers free Python-based web application hosting, so I've moved the bulk of the site to Google Apps Engineā„¢. Serving static html with Django is a bit like running carpool with a pickup truck, but the dynamic framework has already come in useful for prototyping applications for potential clients. I've also begun inserting Django template tags into the site's markup and xslt, so a small and growing portion of each page is in fact dynamically generated. I may eventually rebuild the site to serve dynamic content generated using reStructuredText, which is supported by the Django template's markup component.

Stay tuned for further development!